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Kevin Hanson Oil Pan Baffle for Trailblazer SS and 5.3

Kevin Hanson Oil Pan Baffle for Trailblazer SS and 5.3
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The oil pan Baffle acts as a dam to hold oil up front where the stock oil pump pickup is located. This keeps the oil supply in the proper location. It allows normal movement as you drive but when you go WOT it rolls oil back on to the pick up tube instead of letting it ALL slosh to the back of the pan starving the stock pick up of oil. Simple 15 min install once pan is removed. 3 holes of 3/16" dia are drilled into splash tray to match ones in the baffle, then using 3 rivets provided you pop it into place. It fits only one way, against the axle tube and right behind the pick up tube.
This is a simple design from simple engineering that stops the problem dead in its tracks, not adapting to the problem like another option that is on the market and its less than 1/10th the cost. Over 500 sold and installed over 5 years. Be sure you know what you are buying and understand that shipping times vary. We do not accept any returns and will not issue any refund for any of our products once they have been purchased.

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