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We proudly use PayPal as our payment processor. PayPal offers more protection and online security when it comes to protecting your personally identifiable information. This offers you the customer more peace of mind when ordering, because you can rest assured that your bank and/or credit information will not be stored in our database and will not be accessible to anyone from our company. Please see our Privacy Policy page for more information about how we strive to protect your personal information.


Foreign orders

Unfortunately, we do not accept orders from anywhere outside the North American Continent.
Delivery time

Most deliveries are made within 3-5 days. However, because we use a truckload carrier to deliver your goods by ground, the weather can play a role in determining the time it takes to deliver your item.


Shipping information

All items ship F.O.B. Freight Collect from Reno, Nevada to your location via freight truck.

Please note that there may be and additional fee to deliver to a residence. To avoid these charges you may elect to provide us with a business address we can ship your order to. If no one is at the designated shipping location at the time of delivery – be aware that the freight company may charge an additional fee for re-delivery.


Residential Shipping

The extra cost to to ship to a residential address is $80. This is an extra charge passed on to us by the Freight shipping company. We do not inflate the shipping charges.


Refused shipments

Any customer refusing a shipment for any reason will be liable for the freight charges in both directions. Refusals due to damage must be noted on the freight bill & signed by both the customer and driver of the freight company.

Please notify us immediately if you have refused an item due to damage so we can promptly get a replacement item to you.


Damaged freight

All merchandise is inspected prior to leaving. It is the carrier’s responsibility to deliver the merchandise in the same condition it was pick up in. Although damage seldom occurs, should this happen:


If the damage is severe you MUST refuse the shipment and let the carrier contact us for disposition. In addition, you will need to contact us and report the extent of the damage.

However, if the product is only mildly damaged (chipped, scratched, bumped) contact the carrier’s claims department – get a claims form – file for repairs.




Orders can not be canceled at any time for a refund.


Any Item Purchased on our website is final. We do not except any form of returned merchandise.



Guarantee / Liability

Our merchandise is guaranteed to be free from all defects in materials and workmanship, for 30 days or we will replace or refund the purchase price (excluding freight charges). At our option, any product found to be defective may be subject to our inspection and approval.

All parts must be pre-fitted immediately prior to prep and paint, within the 30 day return period.

Although not common or intentional, since our product is hand made, bumps, nicks, scratches, thin gellcoat, air pockets, etc… may appear on the product either immediately or as much as a year or more later.

We will not warranty our products against these types of problems. In realizing fiberglass products are made of reinforced fiberglass, which is not as rigid or as stable as steel, short or long term changes may occur on the finish of the product. Although superior type resins are used, the aforementioned problems may still occur and refinishing may be required at the customer’s expense. Although fiberglass will not rust, there is an unwarranted possibility of cracking, chipping or delaminating.

Center Cross Customs, Inc hereby disclaims all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Center Cross Customs, Inc is not responsible for damage caused by abuse, incorrect installation, modification, shipping, accidents or normal wear and tear; nor is Center Cross Customs, Inc responsible for labor charges, inconvenience or other expenses related to installation or use of our products.

There will be no returns or exchanges 30 days from the shipping date of the product.



All products must be professionally installed by certified installers who will assume all liability, responsibilities, and risks involved with the installation of this/these product(s).

All parts must be pre-fitted immediately prior to prep and paint, within the 30 day return period.

Our product(s) require: alignment, sanding, priming, blocking, trimming, grinding of edges & possibly some filling of low spots. In short, the parts do not come ready to install. They must first be prepped by the previous specifications.



Fiberglass may be deadly when burned. Proper safety equipment must be worn when sanding or cutting fiberglass.

Release from liability

We will not be held liable for personal or property damage caused by or resulting from the use or misuse of any product we sell. The user/installer shall determine the suitability of the product for it’s intended use. The user/installer shall assume all responsibility and risk associated therein.

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