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RPM Hellcat Challenger Interchiller Coolant Reservoir

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Brand: RPM

This is our auxiliary blower coolant tank with pump for 15+ Challenger.

100% made in the USA.

This tank is designed to work while being paired with a chiller system. The pump included is the highest flowing pump currently available on planet earth. This tank adds 3.875 gallons of additional coolant to the blower system.

The tank utilizes mounting points that align with all factory holes so no drilling is required. The tank comes configured to work with your factory blower coolant hard lines. Simply remove your factory pump and brackets and put our tank in place and wire up the pump. A -12 AN port will allow you to connect directly to you chiller inlet port.

We've thoroughly tested this system at the drag strip and we've seen blower coolant temps in the 40f on extremely overdriven IHI systems and Whipple systems at max effort even lower. Stay frosty my friends.

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